CH, BIS, BISS Gold Coast Sunny-boy at Midnight Lady
Owner: Midnight Lady's & Ten little nigres kennels
supreme BIS winner, multiBISS, BIS, CH
HD: A, ED:O, heart: clear, cistinuria:free


Pouch Coves Head of State
Darbydales All Rise Pouch Cove
Midnight Ladys Especially for You
Twillin Gate Quomandor
Midnight Ladys Diorissimo
Darbydales Shake´M Up
Seabrooks Headmaster Tabu
Pouch Coves Objection Overruled
Pouch Coves Casts Its Vote
Pouch Coves Candidate
Twillin Gate Quintex
Pouch Coves Shiprock Sydney
Pouch Coves Antares Arbitrage
Jubilees You´re The Top
Pouch Coves Antares Fanfare
Mississippi-Missouri Gea Midnight Lady
Midnight Ladys My Heart Goes Boom
Jubilees You´re The Top
Pouch Coves Favorite Son
Jubilees Anything Goes
Midnight Ladys Hand Painted
Midnight Ladys Great Expectation
Mount Cook Nugget Nini of Midnight Lady
Ciara Mississippi-Missouri Faundland
Ignacious The Lifeguard
Pouch Coves Britannia Rico
Midnight Ladys I´m Not That Kind
Us Mississippi-Missouri Faundland
Amadeus Rock Me On Midnight Lady
Midnight Ladys Koh-I-Noor





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