MultiCH, InterCH, BIS Rain Coast Entry In Midnight Lady's Heart
HD:A, ED:0, heart: clear
Owner: Midnight Lady's & Ten little nigres kennels
BIS winner, JBIS winner, multi JCH, multi CH, INTCH, multiBOG winner
Junior Champion of Luxembourg
Junior Champion of Croatia
Champion of Croatia
Champion of Slovenia
Champion of Serbia

Multi Ch.Numa's Cest La
Vie Seabrook
Ch. Pouch Cove´s Bowater
After Dark
Ch. Pouch Cove´s dark Horse
Ch. Darbydale´s Pouch Cove
Seabrook Smile´s on Numa
Ch. Onyxbay´s Winter Warlock
Ch.Seabrook on Peachtree Street
Ch.Rain Coast really
unique for you for Midnight

Multi Ch.Rain Coast Partner of Dreams

Multi Ch.Atwater Crazy Diamond Borgoleonardo
Rain Coast Just Something Special
for Anchor Point
Midnight Lady´s Purple Rain
At Rain Coast
Multi Ch. Midnight Lady´s My
Heart Goes Boom
Multi Ch. Midnight Lady´s Like the




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