But I am the top Ten little nigres


BIS, BISS Midnight Lady's Overdose
Midnight Ladys My Heart Goes Boom
Jubilees You´re The Top
Pouch Coves Favorite Son
Jubilees Anything Goes
Midnight Ladys Hand Painted
Midnight Ladys Great Expectation
Mount Cook Nugget Nini
Ciara Mississippi-Missouri Faundland
Ignacious The Lifeguard
Pouch Coves Britannia Rico
Midnight Ladys I´m Not That Kind
Us Mississippi-Missouri Faundland
Amadeus Rock Me On Midnight Lady
Midnight Ladys Koh-I-Noor
Ch-BG, Jch-CRO Divna Lady Ten Little Nigres
Slo-CH, B-BH Test Ursinus Velutus Noel-Baker
Bearbrooks Dulrick Illusion
Ursulas Peraya
Aurora the Beautiful Flower
Ursinus Velutus Allstar
Ully Ten Little Nigres
Bright Hale Bopp Beastly Boy
Midnight Lady's Double Trouble
Cecilia-Lady od Faundlanda
Ch. Hr Liberta Ten little nigres
Slo-Ch, Int-Ch Midnight Lady Capitain Couste
Ebony Ten little nigres




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